Abigail Blaes

SEO Specialist

Abigail earned her bachelor’s degree in public relations and her master’s degree in technical and professional writing from Missouri State University. She joined Campaignium’s SEO Team in January 2020. 

She’s worked in the SEO and digital marketing field for several years and has enjoyed working with diverse clients and industries at Campaignium.

Abigail is passionate about the intersection between SEO and web accessibility and serving all web audiences. She continues to seek out resources and strategies to integrate both areas of expertise into her client work.

In her free time, Abigail enjoys reading, spending time with her cats, Freddie and Frank, and watching terrible reality TV like “90 Day Fiancé” and “The Bachelor.”


Are SEO and website accessibility compatible?
Search Engine Optimization
Abigail Blaes

Are SEO & Website Accessibility Practices Compatible?

As a search engine optimization specialist and sister of a woman with visual impairments, I pay close attention to how SEO and website accessibility intersect and, in some cases, conflict. I’ve seen where SEO practices sometimes hurt accessibility (example: keyword stuffing). I’ve also seen SEO

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