Caleb Case

Web Developer

Caleb has an Associate of Science in Business degree and is working towards obtaining a double major in Information Technology at Missouri State University.

Caleb has a few years of web development experience and worked in the marketing department at James River Church.

To improve upon his skill set, Caleb spends time learning about different UX/UI trends to help him build better websites for a more user-friendly experience.

Caleb joined Campaignium’s web team in May 2020 and is looking to learn and improve upon his craft as a developer.


Broken links are a sign you need a new website.
Website Design
Caleb Case

5 Signs You Need a New Website

Have you ever wondered how often people switch out their smartphones? On average, consumers upgrade their smartphone every three years or once their installment plan ends. The key reason for switching? Smartphones become obsolete with the release of new models every year. The same can

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