Email Marketing

Email remains one of the most powerful tools you can use to keep in touch with your most valuable customers. Content can be personalized to meet the specific information needs of individual recipients.

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How do you make sure customers remember you the next time they need your product or service? An effective email campaign keeps you top of mind by delivering valuable, relevant content on a regular basis.

Because your business and your audience are unique, at Campaignium we provide you with a customized email campaign featuring personalized messages based on recipient preferences and characteristics.

  • Stay in touch with customers
  • Personalize emails for individual recipients
  • Grow your subscriber list and track results


Send valuable content your subscribers will look forward to. Campaignium provides you with a comprehensive email marketing strategy that will grow your audience and your business.

Deliver Relevant Content

Want to send different messages to different people? A customized email plan lets you do just that. Your recipients will get more personalized emails with dynamic content, based on information you have about their unique actions and characteristics.

Manage And Grow Audience

Using advanced list management, we can organize your subscribers into differentiated segments based on whatever criteria you select. That way, we’ll help you maintain and build your audience by sending relevant content to each individual recipient.

Automate Email Campaigns

Focus your efforts where they’ll count the most! Using our automation workflows, we can easily deliver timely email campaigns to a large list of subscribers – all triggered by the unique actions taken by individual recipients.

Track Conversions & ROI

How are people responding to your emails? We provide in-depth reports that show you exactly how many recipients are opening your emails – and what happens after that. That way, you’ll always be up-to-date on how your email campaigns are performing.


Campaignium offers a customized email strategy that keeps you in touch with your customers – with a unique template that fits your brand, along with personalized messages based on recipient characteristics.

Custom Email Templates

We’ll craft a unique template that suits your brand and target market, combining stunning visuals with a sound marketing strategy for optimal results.

Professional Development

We work closely with you throughout the process, beginning with consultation and template design, all the way through the launch of your email campaign.

A/B Testing

Not sure what to send? We can easily test different variations of your email campaigns, then send the best-performing version!

Triggered Messaging

With Campaignium, subscribers can automatically receive emails based on their actions. Send welcome emails, birthday greetings, helpful reminders, and more!


We use simple tools to create groups of subscribers based on your criteria – then send targeted emails for optimal results.

Personalized Content

Speak directly to your recipients. We can insert individual subscribers’ names, or products they have purchased, using advanced template language.

Send Management

We develop targeted campaigns using advanced tools that give you a competitive edge – including autoresponders, advanced drip campaigns, deliverability, and email authentication.

Subscriber List Management

Campaignium will import subscribers into segmented lists based on your criteria. Grow your audience with a customized preference center, signup form, and unsubscribe process.

Advanced Integrations

We develop email campaigns that seamlessly integrate with your survey, CRM software, and other existing tools you already use.


At Campaignium, our digital marketing experts work with you to develop a customized email marketing campaign. We handle every step of the process, from template design and content development to list segmentation and targeting.


Campaignium keeps you in touch with your customers through a comprehensive email marketing strategy, complete with a customized template. Reach mobile and desktop users using advanced drip campaigns, personalized email messages and automated workflows. Track results in real time using our powerful email analytics tools.

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