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Email is one of the most powerful tools you can use to maintain relationships with your most valuable customers. Campaignium gives you a customized template that matches your brand, with the flexibility to personalize content based on recipient characteristics

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Powerful Email Templates

Stay top-of-mind by staying in touch. Email adds value by delivering quality content on a regular basis. It establishes trust, builds relationships, and generates loyalty.

Because your business and your audience are unique, we’ll create a customized template that reflects your brand. Whether you’re sending newsletters, promotional offers, event reminders, or other information, we will personalize emails based on recipient preferences.

  • Stay in touch with customers and prospects
  • Maintain consistent look and feel with a customized template
  • Personalize content for individual recipients


We want people to look forward to your emails arriving in their inboxes. That’s why we develop flexible, customized templates that deliver the content your recipients need.

Beautiful Emails

We’ll build you an attractive template that enhances your content, with high resolution images and fonts that look great on any device or in any inbox.

Reusable Templates

Your email template can be adapted for different content requirements. You’ll achieve a level of consistency that makes your messages instantly recognizable to recipients.

Mobile Ready

More consumers today are accessing email through mobile devices. We design templates that automatically adjust to fit mobile screens – so recipients can easily read, navigate, and respond to your messages.

Drag & Drop

We use simple design tools that make it easy to add, remove, or change content elements like text, images, and navigation buttons. Your emails will satisfy the information needs of your recipients and consistently reflect your brand personality.


We pay close attention to every detail that goes into building a successful email campaign – delivering valuable, personalized content and making it easy for recipients to share your messages.

Dynamic Content

Vary your emails for different people – so each recipient gets a relevant message that is personalized based on what you know about them.

RSS to Email

Your email campaign will include tools that let recipients automatically receive new blog posts and other content – so they’re always up-to-date on the latest information about your business.

Social Sharing

We’ll add Like and Tweet buttons so that recipients can post to Facebook and Twitter. You’ll get reports on who is sharing your emails and what they say when they do.

Forward to a Friend

Expand the reach of your emails by making it easy for recipients to pass them along to other interested individuals.

Email Client Tested

See how your email looks in Lotus Notes, AOL, Outlook, and other popular clients. We’ll also test your campaign with different browsers and spam filters.

Spam Tested

We pass your emails through real spam filters so you’ll know which ones pass and which ones don’t – and make all necessary adjustments so that your email reaches all intended recipients.


Campaignium keeps you in touch with your customers through a simplified digital marketing strategy that includes customized email templates. Reach mobile and desktop users with personalized emails, along with an effective website, search engines, and social media. Track results in real time using our powerful analytics tools.

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