Mobile Advertising

Campaignium gets you in front of your target audience by placing your message right in their hands. Effective mobile advertising gives you visibility on smartphones and tablets – so your best prospects can reach out to you wherever and whenever they want.

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More and more consumers are turning to mobile as their preferred Internet access method. It’s portable, and it’s always on – so your message can reach audiences anytime, and anywhere.

At Campaignium, we deliver targeted messages to mobile users who are most likely to have an interest in your product or service. Mobile ads can be customized for smartphones or tablets, and can appear in popular apps and mobile websites.

  • Reaches consumers at their convenience
  • Customized for smartphones or tablets
  • Can appear in apps or on mobile websites


Through effective mobile advertising, you’ll reach consumers at their convenience – with relevant brand messages that can be customized for smartphones or tablets, apps or mobile websites.

Global Audience

Thanks to their rapid, widespread adoption, mobile devices can deliver your advertising to interested consumers almost anywhere. Reach out to new customers right in your own backyard – or on the other side of the world!

Multiple Devices

Smartphone or tablet? Apple or Android? Mobile advertising lets you speak to your best prospects with customized ads that are designed to look great in a variety of formats – and across a range of devices and platforms.

Create Engagement

People use smartphones and tablets to discover useful information on the go. By advertising on popular mobile platforms, you’ll give consumers the opportunity to interact and start doing business with you quickly and conveniently.

Drive Conversions

Mobile ads let you provide instant gratification – with features that allow consumers to click, call, subscribe or even make a purchase – simply by responding directly to your ad! It’s a simple, easy way to win new customers.


Mobile advertising includes a wide range of platforms. At Campaignium, we tap into that flexibility to build a customized campaign that reaches consumers most likely to be interested in your brand.


We help you reach your best prospects as they interact with their favorite mobile apps on Apple or Android devices.


The mobile web lets you target interested consumers with relevant content – across a range of local and national mobile websites.


As more consumers turn to search engines on their mobile devices, we’ll place your ads right where your best prospects will find them.

Apple Music

We help you connect with music fans by placing custom advertising messages on Apple’s ad-supported streaming service.


Campaignium delivers relevant and entertaining offers to your best prospects with targeted ads – right in their mobile Facebook feed.


We get your customized ads in front of the right consumers when they watch their favorite YouTube videos on mobile devices.


With your advertising visible on popular news apps, you can reach prospects as they check up on breaking news and the issues they care about.


We help you present relevant and entertaining ads to mobile users as they play their favorite mobile games.

Apple TV

You’ll reach Apple TV subscribers with customized ads placed in streaming video, music, and other content on iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices.


Campaignium connects you with the right customers by placing your message on popular mobile devices and platforms – with high-quality ads uniquely tailored to achieve your goals. Reach mobile users through apps, display advertising, search, and more!

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