Advertising Specialist

Abhay Verma

As answered by their team members:
Fictional character you’re most like: Marty Byrde from “Ozarks”
Your theme song: Brown Munde
Voted most likely to: Achieve Greatness

More About Abhay

Abhay pursued a Bachelor of Science at Missouri State University before running an apparel company. When he saw an opportunity to operate a business, he seized it and successfully expanded to three stores in two years. 

Managing multiple stores in Missouri and Oklahoma gave him operations, sales and customer service experience. After Missouri State, Abhay furthered his education online, focusing on digital marketing, eCommerce and advertising. He holds several Google certifications. 

Abhay loves exercising his problem-solving skills—an excellent trait for a digital marketer. Challenges excite him, and he thrives on uncovering unique solutions. Whether optimizing a marketing campaign or devising strategies to drive business growth, Abhay’s curiosity and determination lead him to tangible results for clients. 

When it comes to travel, Abhay’s heart lies with the mountains. Near the mountains, he finds true peace and inspiration. At home, he is often cooking up something delicious in the kitchen. He enjoys experimenting with new ingredients and flavors, then sharing his dishes with friends.


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