Account Manager

Steven Ward

As answered by their team members:
Fictional character he’s most like: Gambit from X-Men
His theme song: “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson
Voted most likely to: Show up early for anything

More About Steven

Steven loves helping clients meet their goals. He knows there’s no better feeling than when a project comes to fruition and produces results. He’s adept at seeing the big picture and utilizing team members’ talents to fulfill a shared vision.

Steven earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Missouri State University. Before joining Campaignium, he spent approximately seven years working in the national office of one of the country’s top accounting firms. Steven led several marketing and business development teams for the firm.

Steven is a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan. He’s often sporting red and gold on game days. He also enjoys golfing and bowling. His passion for bowling landed him a spot on the Missouri State University Men’s Bowling Team in college. Steven has had multiple perfect games. He’s your go-to for tips on getting a strike.

Game On!

We’re all about putting up big numbers for your business.