January 1, 2014

2014 Top 6 Digital Marketing Predictions

2013 has come and gone and it’s time to predict what the future holds for the digital marketing industry.  This prediction is not your ordinary obscure result where the author hopes to hit a lucky break.  This list can be used as a practical roadmap of marketing tactics to help streamline your 2014 marketing calendar.  Included is an infographic to take with you or hang up in your office or cubicle.  We hope you enjoy.

6. Analytic Marketing’s Importance – More marketing decisions will be made based on past analytics.  Many marketers call this “Big Data”.  It’s surprising, but the C-suite finally realized that analytics were at the heart of all digital marketing in 2013.  With more emphasis being placed on the bottom line, 2014 analytics will play an even bigger role in marketing decisions.

5. Outsourcing Content – As content becomes even more important to engage and educate an online audience, companies will push employees to create it.  With a strain on resources, we think many businesses will decide to outsource the creation of articles, infographics and videos to stay relevant in 2014.

4. Paying For Social Media Advertising – The advertising component of Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ will become even more significant to advertisers in 2014.  Twitter is quickly becoming the news feed of the future, and advertisers should quickly capitalize on this trend to get their message in front of users.

3. Keeping SEO Local – Who didn’t think local searches were important in 2013?  Everyone talked about it.  This trend will continue in 2014 with the increasing attention towards Google+, online reviews and the tried and true local search engine optimization (SEO) of your website.

2. Remarketing – Everyone discovered remarketing or retargeting in 2013.  We were all targeted after perusing Amazon.  We feel this marketing tactic will have smaller organizations lining up to retarget website visitors who once expressed an interest in their product or service.

1. Video Will Become King – With Facebook and Google’s announcement in the ability to advertise through on-site videos, more marketers will jump on board the video bandwagon to help create further engagement.  The convergence of off line video marketing, such as TV, and online video channels, will help online video marketing grow to encompass a much larger share of an advertiser’s budget in 2014.

Digital Marketing Trends 2014Digital Marketing Trends 2014

Use this information as a practical roadmap of marketing tactics to help streamline your 2014 marketing calendar.  We would love to hear if you have any predictions.  Look into your crystal ball and let us know what you think below. Thanks!


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