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Every marketing decision is an experiment. Throw in an amazing idea. Stir in a bit of creative flair. Add some engaging content. How does it all come together? Do your efforts produce the expected results or go up in smoke?

In our experience, data-backed marketing decisions produce better results. At Campaignium, we help test your theories and adjust the formula based on your goals. Gather valuable insights about your industry, target market and customers’ online habits and then use that knowledge to your advantage.

Marketing is more of a science than ever before. We’re the independent variable that can tip the scales in your favor.

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What Can Data Do for You?

Identifying your best prospects and analyzing your efforts to reach them can help you build a more focused strategy that meets customers where they are.
Get to Know Your Audience
You know your audience is mostly women. But what if you knew your audience was mostly women between 45 and 60 who avidly play table tennis, live in New York City and shop on tablets? We dive into demographic data to bring your customers to life based on intent, interest and more.
Create More Effective Campaigns
What’s always better than a generic message? A campaign that speaks directly to your audience and piques their interest. We can help execute flexible strategies that target your most important prospects and keep tabs on how they’re responding.
Discover New Opportunities
Are you missing opportunities to make a sale or get more subscribers? We help you understand how users interact with your website. Through heatmap analyses and UX testing, we help you focus your campaigns and create effective strategies. The best part? We test our strategy recommendations to make sure they work for your clients.
Give Your Company a Competitive Edge
Help your marketing efforts rise above the noise. Having the right data helps you discover how best to excel in your industry, from making choices based on your target market to documenting your growth year over year.
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