Performance Tracking

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Reaching your digital marketing goals can be tough if you aren’t tracking your progress. Without dependable data, how do you know if you’re headed in the right direction? You need proof that the steps you’re taking to grow your business are paying off.

At Campaignium, we measure your website’s performance to show you what’s working and where we need to adjust your strategy for better results. Are people finding what they need on your website? Are they clicking on your ads? Is seasonality affecting pageviews or sales? We’ll plot your trend lines and help you course-correct when performance starts to sag.

Ways We Assist You

Tap a Trove of Telling Insights

The data is there, and we can package it and present it to your decision makers in an easily digestible format. With access to real-time information, they’ll have more confidence and control over campaign outcomes.

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14% of content marketers use infographics to visually display statistics.
Hubspot, 2020


7.2% of marketing budgets are dedicated to analytics.
The CMO Survey, 2019

Revenue Reporting

75% of marketers are reporting on how their campaigns directly affect revenue.
HubSpot, 2020

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