Winning Strategies, Happy Clients

Nothing gives us more joy than helping clients devise a digital marketing strategy that hits the mark. We’ve worked with all sorts of businesses on all sorts of projects, and sometimes the results are greater than we ever imagined. Here’s a closer look at some of our best work—and the outcomes that won over clients. 

Prime, Inc.

Campaignium has worked with Prime, Inc. since 2016 to develop fresh ideas that reflect the client’s size and forward-thinking culture. We built engaging new corporate and recruitment websites that position Prime as the leading career choice for both new and experienced truck drivers. Our comprehensive strategy also included SEO, digital advertising, unique creative assets, all backed by advanced research and tracking. 


Campaignium enabled Stamina to achieve greater brand awareness for its home fitness equipment. By developing a consistent online presence across social media, email and content marketing, we boosted user engagement and strengthened customer relationships for the client. 

Pearl & Johnny

When Pearl & Johnny needed an engaging way to demonstrate its easy-to-use pickle kits, Campaignium developed a series of memorable how-to videos. Each video reflected the client’s existing brand and complemented the look and feel of the Pearl & Johnny website and social media pages. 

Urn Garden

Urn Garden saw website traffic, conversions and revenue skyrocket after working with Campaignium. First, we helped the family-owned business optimize content on its category and product pages. Then we launched a tiered digital advertising campaign to better target customers and stretch their budget. 

Vital Hat

Our content and creative teams joined forces to build a vibrant website for Vital Hat—a startup gaining attention for its innovative headwear. Campaignium designed a new logo, shot original photos for the site and supplied tightly written content that drove home the brand’s differentiators. 

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