Ninni Co.

Ninni Co. was founded by two mothers who wanted a better soother for their infants. The founders developed the Ninni Pacifier, the first genuinely breastlike pacifier available. We’ve helped the Ninni Co. team with digital advertising, content marketing, SEO, packaging design, website banners and branding and messaging.

Embracing Nature in Every Detail

A product made to mimic natural breastfeeding movement needs a package that also evokes nature! We featured flowing forest flora on this pleasing packaging. Stems and leaves decorate the box as a message from the owners welcomes mothers to the brand.

Made for Moms, Backed By Science

Working alongside Ninni Co.’s owners, we’ve positioned the brand as a trustworthy resource. Educational articles offer tips for using the pacifier and highlight the experiences of real parents and pediatric physical therapists. Combining helpful, mom-centered content with a personalized SEO strategy brings more users to the Ninni Co. website.

“Choosing a quality pacifier such as the Ninni is one way to engage proper muscle movement and minimize negative impact on your child’s teeth.”

Converting More Moms to Loyal Customers

By running Google Ads, we’ve helped Ninni Co. increase sales and get in front of more potential customers with over 3.5 million ad impressions. From April 2022 to March 2023, their digital ad campaigns earned an average of $19.78 in revenue for every $1 spent.



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Building on the Brand

The Campaignium team helped further define Ninni Co.’s target personas, branding and voice. Based on our market research, we developed five personas and built upon the brand’s “by moms for moms” messaging. We wove everything together in a comprehensive style guide the company can use in the future.

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