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Prime Inc. is rated one of the best trucking companies to drive for year in and year out. The company provides innovative transportation and logistics services throughout North America.

As a leader in the trucking industry, Prime needs a marketing strategy that reflects their size and forward-thinking company culture. Since 2016, Campaignium has implemented fresh ideas and an innovative approach to drive Prime’s recruitment efforts and overall success in today’s competitive landscape.


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Welcoming New Drivers with a Fresh Web Presence

Campaignium built a new Prime website that highlights the company’s services and makes it easier than ever to drive for Prime. As a result, visitors to the website are more than twice as likely to fill out a new driver application.

Campaignium further bolstered Prime’s recruitment efforts by using Google Ads as the primary lead generator. As a result of our campaign, more prospective drivers filled out an online application, contacted a recruiter through a short form or called the company directly.


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Communicating the Prime Difference

Throughout our partnership, Campaignium has consistently developed fresh designs that fully capture Prime’s unique culture, including a detailed map of the client’s sprawling Springfield, Missouri complex. Using this approach, we have created an online experience unlike any other in the trucking industry.

Driving the User Experience Forward

To bolster Prime’s SEO strategy, Campaignium creates engaging original articles for the Prime Inc. website. Articles feature helpful information that supports the company’s recruitment, truck sales and power fleet programs. Campaignium has also used market research, heatmaps, conversion optimization tests and surveys to enhance the user experience on Prime’s website.

"We have been working with Campaignium since 2016, and I have been blown away by their creativity, attention to detail, prompt replies and overall work. I'm proud to work with such an awesome group of talented professionals."

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