Why Campaignium?

The reviews are in, as they say, and clients are pleased as punch when they work with us. We think that’s because we love what we do, and it shows. But beyond that, we take your marketing challenges personally and make it our mission to boost your metrics. 

In-House Experts

Some marketing agencies just outsource the outsourcing by handing off vital tasks to other agencies and freelancers. Not here, though. Our dedicated teams specialize in all facets of digital marketing and are proud of the great work they produce. Think of us as a fully stocked Airbnb—everything you need in one welcoming place. 

Diverse Client Portfolio

Trucking. Colleges. Frozen custard. Museums. Exfoliating foot peels. That’s just a sampling of the many clients we serve. We love immersing ourselves in your industry and learning your lingo. Whether you’re selling accounting services or aerobics equipment, we’ll do our homework so we can be an uber-effective extension of your business. 

Less Jargon,
More Real Talk

When you work with us, you’re not going to hear, “You’ll receive your PPC KPIs by EOD.” We’re not here to bombard you with buzzwords or dazzle you with acronyms. We want to make sure you understand how your campaign is performing regardless of your marketing expertise. Our philosophy: Say it simply or don’t say it at all. 

Direct Client Relationships

No more waiting to hear back from six people about one itty-bitty copy change. We believe in working directly with you and responding to your requests with a right-now mentality. Need a quick edit to a blog or webpage? No worries—just give your friendly Campaignium team member a shout, and we’ll have it done in no time. 

Flexibility & Versatility

Staying on top of the latest digital marketing trends and tactics is all about agility. When the landscape is constantly shifting, you have to move with it. So limber up and take a deep breath, friends. Let’s get loose and find creative ways to optimize your campaign as we chase your goals. 

Our Mantra

You’re the only you this world’s got. Find the confidence to liberate your ideas because weird is subjective and genius is subtle. Believe in yourself. If you get pushed, push back because success isn’t always romantic. Choose your own adventure. Follow your heart even off the well-worn path. Stay hungry, aspire to greatness and never, never quit.

Being Different Is Good.

We’re not the same old, same old. See for yourself.