Hunting is a lifestyle for many people. The HUUNT website allows users to buy and sell guided hunts and land access. Competing companies let users lease land online but require them to jump through hoops. We simplified the process, so hunters can find adventures while landowners and outfitters earn a profit.

A Website Made for Hunters

You can explore listings using custom filters or an interactive map feature. HUUNT’s paid membership levels unlock capabilities within its exclusive member portal. Members can book trips or land access in addition to seeing landowner reviews and Google Maps locations.

You can seamlessly complete transactions on the HUUNT website, so no additional communication between parties is necessary. Since its launch, we’ve helped HUUNT gain exposure with branded Facebook carousel ads.

Capturing a Sense of Adventure

We designed the HUUNT logo, using the double “u” in the company’s name to our advantage. A set of sizable antlers—any hunter’s dream—is displayed within both letters. On the website and branded assets, we paired a bold navy gradient with a subtle pattern inspired by topographic land maps. Playful pops of hunter’s orange tie everything together.

Building on a Lifestyle Brand

Campaignium customized designs for t-shirts and future HUUNT merchandise. The style and line work add a rugged, natural feeling to the illustrations. We showcase trophy antlers throughout the brand’s assets and continued this theme in these designs, making these t-shirts something hunters will feel proud and excited to wear.

A Community for Passionate Hunters

An excellent SEO strategy and authoritative articles boost the site’s visibility. We educate and engage with HUUNT’s audience through blogs, emails and social media posts. We work closely with HUUNT to create Facebook and Instagram posts that invite hunters to become a part of the brand’s story.

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