Mala Design Co.

Watering. Wilting. Pests. Live houseplants aren’t for everyone. Mala Design Co. believes you shouldn’t have to give up beautiful greenery because you prefer a plant with no mess and stress. Mala’s low-maintenance, lifelike faux plants turn stale spaces into delightful digs.

Mala Design Co. maintains a global reach and is affiliated with The Champstar Inc. brand family. Campaignium worked with Mala to refresh their brand and launch their first eCommerce website.

The Roots of a Rebrand

Just as the Mala team handcrafts each petal, leaf and stem on their products, Campaignium updated the Mala logo and chose the messaging, colors and typography with care. We developed five research-backed customer personas, using them to grow our vision for Mala’s brand and website.

Creating A Digital Storefront

Mala’s stylish website speaks to customers’ living plant woes through lively copy and intentional photography. Filters and lifestyle pages give users multiple ways to explore products. Custom iconography and subtle home page animations add unique detail, like finishing touches for a room.

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