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A smart strategy begins with credible research. Before your ads start popping up across the web, you need to know who you’re targeting, how you’re going to reach them and what your competition is doing. We don’t just casually sift through the data; we hand you huge scoops of relevant intel.

Campaignium uncovers powerful insights to help guide your digital marketing decisions. First, we plumb the depths of your metrics for a baseline. Then we use perceptive analytics tools to determine your market position. Extensive market research isn’t just enlightening, it’s empowering. Guesswork be gone—facts are the key to better-performing campaigns and a higher ROI!

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Merge Information with Intent

Don’t wing your digital marketing strategy. Wage campaigns built on strong research that examines your industry, analyzes your market, evaluates your business and shapes your customer persona.

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Market Research

59% of companies use some sort of market research to drive decisions.
Forbes, 2019

Consumer Research

Less than 40% of marketers are using consumer research to drive decisions.
Google, 2018

Product Market

42% of startups fail because there’s no market need for their product or service.
CB Insights, 2019

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