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Track Footsteps & Build a Better Path

Big-box retailers adjust their merchandising strategy based on foot traffic, customer behavior and sales. How do visitors flow through the store? What attracts their attention? Do they go directly to their destination or take time to browse?

The same approach can—and should—be applied to your website. A positive user experience can earn you longtime brand loyalty. A negative experience, though, may prompt visitors to bounce, or even worse, badmouth your site to others. Through UX testing, we can pinpoint problematic gaps and help you find solutions.

Ways We Assist You

Defuse Your UX Landmines

Sometimes it’s hard to see the snags on your website that make users bounce. With the right testing tools, though, an extensive sweep will reveal these traps and help you smooth out your site’s flow for visitors.

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For every $1 spent on website UX, a company can expect up to a $100 return of investment.
UX Planet, 2020

Competitive Advantage

70% of businesses view UX as a potential competitive advantage and differentiator.
User Zoom, 2019

User Friendly

80% of users are willing to pay extra on an ecommerce site with a better UX.
UX Planet, 2020

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