May 9, 2018

Campaignium Ad Team Welcomes Online Advertising Coordinator Courtney Ukena

Campaignium continues to expand its digital marketing expertise with the addition of Online Advertising Coordinator Courtney Ukena to our growing Ad Team.

Currently finishing her MBA at Missouri State University, the Springfield, MO native is excited about helping organizations reach the right consumers by tapping into her creative skills, along with an extensive background in math and science.

Courtney views marketing as a multifaceted field with a variety of things to do every day, and chose to pursue a career in digital marketing because “that’s where it’s all headed.”

She previously served as a marketing analyst for Old Missouri Bank, where she gained experience in multiple areas of marketing, including extensive creative work with Illustrator and Photoshop.

Before that, Courtney sharpened her design skills as a florist at Lilly’s Floral, working with the almost endless variety of floral designs that appeal to today’s consumers.

The former piano teacher still enjoys playing the piano in her spare time, especially new age classical. She also likes to spend time outdoors hiking, biking and gardening.


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