May 30, 2023

Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions  

Digital Marketing Frequently Asked Questions  

Everyday we are asked many questions about digital marketing strategies and tactics. There  are a few that are asked more frequently than others. Here are some of those questions and  how we try to answer them.  

How Much Budget Should I Spend On Digital Marketing?  

This is a great question, and everyone wants to know if there is a perfect digital marketing  budget they need to spend. You can spend a lot on digital marketing, but with the right  strategy you can pair your budget down to the right platforms and spend amounts. We  normally start with a budget to test out strategies, geographies and interest levels. You can  hear from a lot of different people that you should spend 10% or 20% of your yearly revenue,  but this doesn’t have to be case. Work with a digital marketing agency who wants to test out  strategies and learn your cost per conversions and ROAS (return on ad spend). This helps to  focus on what works and what doesn’t. After that, you should have a discussion on what is an  appropriate digital marketing budget.  

Should I Start With Search Engine Optimization or Online Advertising?  

We probably answer this question twice a week and normally respond with, “Do you need  leads now, or can you wait?” The great thing about online advertising is you can turn it on  today and start to get people to your website the same day, but once you turn off your  advertising, you aren’t represented online again. The great thing about SEO (search engine  optimization) is that it lasts even after you stop paying for the service. Your rankings should  withstand some time, but it does take multiple months to get your rankings where you need  them to be. So, you have to answer this question, “Do you need leads now, or can you wait?”  

Can I Perform Digital Marketing Tactics Myself?  

The answer is pretty simple, YES! Anything we do you can do yourself, but most of the team  members at Campaignium have gone to school for their knowledge, and/or have spent many  years honing their craft to understand how to perform digital marketing services. Most  business owners or marketing directors come to us because they don’t have the time or the  capacity to take on digital marketing at their organization. If you feel you have the time or 

capacity, then research an online tool like Youtube. There are many starter videos out there to  help you understand what we do.  

How Long Should I Wait To See Better Ranking Results When Performing SEO?  

There is no time limit when performing search engine optimization tactics. I’ve seen websites  start to rank on the first page of search engines after the second or third month of work, and  I’ve seen it take six months before you start to see results. We normally try to manage  expectations that during the start of a healthy search engine optimization campaign, you  should start to see search engine rankings improve from page four to page three. Then they  should start to improve from page three to page two, etc.  

We normally ask a client to give us 6-12 months to plan, execute, review, and revise search  engine optimization strategies and tactics for the betterment of the client’s website. Give it time  and you will see the best results. 

How Will I know If Campaigns Are Working? 

You have to track conversions, plain and simple. If you don’t track conversions you will never  know if your campaigns are working. Most analytic tools, like Google Analytics, allow you to  set up goals to track phone calls, form fill completions, online sales and more. If you or your  current agency aren’t tracking and discussing your goals and how to track them, it’s time to  start.  

How Can I Gain A Social Media Following  

This is probably the #1 question asked on our website chat. This is a complicated question, but  the best way to gain followers on your social channels is through creating good content that  connects with your followers. You can always buy followers, but Facebook has now started to  not allow businesses to run ad campaigns if they can detect you have bought followers.  Believe us, they are watching. The best way to gain followers is to develop great content that  people want to see and engage with. Once they engage with your content, more of their friends  and family will see your content and want to follow along. They won’t want to miss out on the  party. 

We hope this helps answer some of the questions you have about digital marketing. If you have  additional questions, please contact us at [email protected]. We are more than willing  to answer any questions you have. 


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