May 28, 2019

Digital Marketing Tips: Cultivating Lasting Relationships With Clients

It can be difficult to find new clients who are ready and willing to allow you to manage their online presence. After all, convincing someone to trust you with their online advertising, SEO, and/or social media presence can be a bit of a struggle. So, why not put more effort into retaining the digital marketing clients that you do have? You can make your business a one-stop-shop for existing clients by offering a variety of marketing services provided by kind and respectful professionals.

In this blog, we discuss the importance of positive client relationships and provide you with some helpful tips and tricks to ensure that your clients stay happy and make the decision to return to your business time after time (cue the Cyndi Lauper jam).  

Why Do Client Relationships Matter In Marketing?

It’s simple, really: if you have happy existing clients, your business will have a steady workload ,therefore, revenue flow. Is that guaranteed? Pretty much. According to an article by Larry Myler published in Forbes, “a long-term customer is of more value than a single-deal customer, and it’s a lot less expensive to keep a current customer than to acquire a new one.”

How Do We Cultivate Lasting Client Relationships?

The digital marketing sphere is filled with options, so why should a client come back to you? What sets you apart? We can’t really speak for other companies, but Campaignium has a few tips and tricks that we have learned over the years to ensure that our clients and their projects are given the best possible treatment.

  1. We treat every client with respect- No matter the client’s budget and the services we provide, our clients have access to a team of professionals who are happy to assist them. Additionally, we are honest about our deadlines and project goals.
  2. Offer unique insights- Since we have such diverse and intelligent employees, we allow them time to learn more about aspects of their field that they are especially interested in. Not only does this help strengthen our knowledge base as a company, but it also allows us to provide our clients with helpful information. We also make sure that we stay up to date on industry-related technology and trends.
  3. We know our clients- We make sure that our team members understand how our clients’ businesses work. We strive to have a deeper connection with our clients, and take time to develop plans that are tailored to their wants and needs. We know how cheesy this sounds, but we often find ourselves laughing in meetings.

Remember, too, that If you have good client retention, you are not only making sure that you have consistent business, but you also receive the added bonus of having long-term clients who are willing to vouch for your work. A positive review from a peer can help spur a prospective client towards a conversion!  

Campaignium Puts Every Client First

Campaignium has worked with many of our clients for years, and we have helped them with multiple projects that have allowed their businesses to expand. We make sure that both our existing and our on-boarding clients are presented with innovative and effective services and solutions. If you are looking for a digital marketing solution, Campaignium is here to help. Contact us online today, or give us a call at 417-413-4899.


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