April 12, 2019

Campaignium Welcomes Online Advertising Specialist Francois Muller

Campaignium remains at the forefront of digital marketing with the addition of Francois Muller to our growing team of online advertising innovators.

A problem solver with a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals, Francois enjoys working with a variety of clients, and his goal is to take an active role in “all aspects of digital marketing.”

Francois’ professional accomplishments include managing e-commerce accounts in an agency setting. He points out that digital marketing requires a holistic approach and embracing new tools for facilitating client success, “which keeps the work interesting and challenging.”

Born in France, he spent most of his life in Besançon, which is on the East side of France near Germany and Switzerland.

Francois moved to Michigan as an exchange student during his senior year in high school, where he enjoyed experiencing a new language and culture, as well as meeting his wife a few years later. He has lived in Springfield, Missouri for 5 years.

During his free time, Francois loves hiking, biking, kayaking and all things outdoors. He also likes cooking, photography and remodeling his 1898 house.


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