August 12, 2016

Google Updates Search Results

During Googles annual I/O summit, Google announced several upcoming additions to search results that we anticipate will make some pretty radical strides in the future of search.

With people making billions of searches per day, Google continues to evolve its technology, with users in mind. If you didn’t make it to the summit in Mountain View this year, don’t worry! We have the biggest takeaways to help you strategize for a better future in search results.

Meet Rich Cards

You’ve likely noticed in your Google searches a multitude of different result types. Sometimes you will see a “pack” of local results at the top, or a knowledge panel. Maybe you’ve also seen a map and pins.

Now there’s a new feature to add to the list. Google’s rich cards are a new type of result that is currently only displaying recipes and movies and appearing first in mobile search results. Using the markup you will notice a card result displaying a rich meta-description, an image, or perhaps some other strong markup like the star-rating and reviews. This is without a doubt impactful to searchers.

Real-Time Indexing

Due to an increase in recipe and movie searches, Google has taken a more active approach to real-time indexing in an effort to connect users with real-time events and fresh content. Although this technology is still in its early days, a full launch is expected later this summer. This will allow publishers using the Google Indexing API to trigger real-time indexing.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

There is no denying the importance and focus on mobile search. Google has now updated us on their use of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages Project), which is an open source effort to increase the speed of mobile web.

This project will enable Google search to display instant-loading content, which we know is more important than ever to users. Google stated that, “over 40% of users abandon a page that takes more than three seconds to load,” which makes this project more important than ever.

In addition, Google is giving us more opportunities to improve the experience of our webpages for optimal reach and targeting with advanced reporting.

It’s just another way for us to give users and potential customers a better experience!

If you would like more information on how you can get ahead of the competition by utilizing these latest updates, contact us. We’re excited to help!


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