July 20, 2016

How to Market in a Mobile-First World – Changes Coming to Google AdWords

Google recently announced they are completely redesigning AdWords with a mobile-first approach.

Think about it: for most people our phones are the last thing we put down at night and the first thing we pick up in the morning.

Companies should no longer be discussing if they should put their dollars towards mobile, but how they should go about targeting mobile. So, how should your business market to consumers in this digital focused world?

For starters, we have to think about how people use technology to connect with the world around them. Consumers turn to their phones for decision making:

  • How to fix something
  • What to buy
  • What to do
  • Where to go

Brands that catch us at the exact moment when we are searching now have a great way to get our attention like never before.

In response to these changing consumer habits, Google Adwords is going to be introducing a platform with new insights, technology, and perspectives in order to grow businesses even more.

Changes to Search and Display Advertising

Since you only have a certain amount of time to catch someone’s eye, Google will be updating both search and display ads to improve the experience of the user.

Marketers will now have more control over crossdevice optimization between both search and display ads.

  • Search ads will contain an expanded number of characters in the ad description line. This gives you nearly 50% more text to highlight products and services.
  • Google will allow the upload of files to have a display ad automatically generated that can fit on any web page or app. The goal is to get the consumer enough useful and relevant information to make a quick decision on whether or not they are interested.

Updated Location Information

Even the way we discover things has changed. When is the last time you searched for a place near you?

  • A ‘coffee shop near me’
  • Restaurants near me’
  • Hardware stores near me’
  • And so on…

One out of three mobile searches are related to location. Google is providing useful location information when people are looking for it, when it matters most.

Connecting Online and Offline Experience

Mobile has changed the way we behave online and in the real world. We need to win people over as they explore products and brands both online and offline. This means that we, as digital marketers are also becoming more accountable for in store activity.

Three out of four people who search on their smartphone for something nearby visit a business within that day, and 28% of those visits result in a purchase. It’s all about getting your deals, your advice, your ad in front of the right person before they even set foot in a store.

It’s clear that mobile is taking over. We need to get in front of consumers without getting in the way. Businesses need to focus on targeting users at the right time with the right information.

With Google looking to bridge the gap between the online and physical world, you have to be there and be useful when the consumers are looking for answers. Those are the brands and businesses that will see success.


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