March 5, 2014

Is Your SEO Lost In Translation?

Many businesses spend their hard earned money on search engine optimization (SEO) that does not work.  Translating what you sell to Google is just as important as relaying this message to website visitors.  There are many things you should pay attention to on your website to make sure search engines and users understand what your organization is about.  Here are two examples of SEO gone wrong.

If you aren’t experienced in search engine optimization practices, you might not know what to look for to ask for help.  In our first example, we plan to show a company explaining to search engines that they sell a certain product, but really don’t.  In the second example, we plan to show a company translating to website visitors with overly optimized webpages.

SEO Example #1

Let’s take a look at a company who does not properly translate to search engines what they sell.  Company #1 sells many different types of batteries.  One of their main products is cell phone batteries.   This company would want to let search engines know they sell cell phone batteries, so they show up when someone searches for this product.  Instead they tell search engines that they sell cell phones.  One word can make all the difference.  Let’s investigate a little further.

The back of a website contains certain functions that translate what product or service you sell to search engines.  If it does not match with your webpage, then search engines get confused, rank you for something you don’t want to be ranked for, or won’t rank your website at all.   In the image below, company #1 tells search engines this specific page is all about cell phones, but in reality the page describes its business as cell phone batteries.  Search engines will never understand this and that is one of many reasons why company #1 does not rank for the product it sells.

SEO Wrong Meta Data

It’s incredibly important to optimize your website truthfully so search engines can get it right, your website ranks properly and you receive the business you desire.

SEO Example #2

In this example, company #2 fills their webpages with the same keyword phrase. This can confuse the user with grammatically incorrect sentences and turn them away from the site all together.

Search engines want a website and webpages to be user friendly.  You should too.  Company #2 has almost gone in the opposite direction of that methodology.  The company has used a certain keyword phrase “Commercial Electrician Springfield MO” throughout this page.  If you read each sentence that contains the phrase, you will see that they do not make sense.  Repeated multiple times, users get the feeling that this company does not care about explaining the service to them.  Confused, visitors will leave the site and search for a competitor.  Search engines can tell that the company has stuffed this phrase multiple times into the sentences and will not rank the company properly.

This company has over optimized their site and used tactics considered to scam search engines and just plain confuse visitors.

Now that we have bored you with our SEO ramblings, if you feel you need help with your search engine optimization, contact us today.  We are ready to get started now.


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