March 19, 2014

Outdated Marketing Tactics = Missed Opportunities

Imagine sitting with friends at a restaurant when someone passes by with an amazing purse you would die to have.  You are interested in learning more about this purse, specifically where you can buy it.  In a matter of seconds, you pull out your phone, take a picture of the purse and instantly find yourself on a search engine with countless websites and ads for purses.

This technology, CamFind, sounds cool and is available today for your smartphone or tablet.  Creating different ways to search online is evolving, and CamFind allows you to take a picture to learn more about any object.  The app uses visual search technology to tell you what things are, and it can even tell you where you can buy them right from your phone. Over 1 million consumers have download and are using this app.  Using image recognition and reverse image search, people can now search for a product with two clicks of a button, without typing a single word.  Please see below image from a CamFind search.

Online Marketing Tactics 2

This is very powerful technology, but what does it have to do with marketing?  Your online marketing or digital marketing tactics must evolve to stay up with innovative trends so you can capture your target market’s attention.   Can you confidently say your website or online ads take advantage of this new way to search?

Three questions come to mind about online marketing tactics when playing around with CamFind.  Is your website mobile friendly or responsive?  Are your search, display and video advertisements mobile and app friendly?  Is your search engine optimization up-to-date?  Let’s think about the psychology behind keeping your online marketing tactics up-to-date with new technology.

First let’s talk about your website.  The early adopters using CamFind, or any other type of technology like this tool, expect a website that’s tailored to their needs when using a phone or tablet.  After they find your website, they anticipate their experience will continue on this device.  Any website that is not easy to navigate on a phone or tablet will be passed over as fast as the user clicked on the website from the search engine rankings.

For search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, you now need to anticipate people searching by image search.  Long gone are the days where a business can have one webpage describing their entire purse inventory.  Creating individual product pages must be considered.  If you carry purses on your website, each purse will need its own optimized page for this new type of search.  The already critical alt tags are becoming increasingly important behind pictures on websites.

Going forward, online advertising must consider the target market, device and technology used.  You have to make sure your online advertisements are not only desktop and mobile friendly, but are app optimized, as well, to capture this market.

Everyday it’s a bright new world out there.  Making sure your online marketing tactics keep up with the latest technology will help you and your organization stay ahead of the curve and capture your share of the consumer.  Do you want to know more about the latest innovations and how your marketing tactics can take advantage of them?  Let us know here.


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