April 23, 2014

SEO Through Analytics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process to improve a website, for not only search engines, but website users as well.  In the past, Google stopped producing keyword research for SEO in their Google Analytics tool.  With the arrival of Google Universal Analytics, users can now identify top keywords used by search engine users to find their website.

Google Universal Analytics now allows you to gauge custom search engine optimization variables in the following ways:

  • Search engine queries – Keywords used in a search engine to find a product or service
  • Number of impressions – The actual number of times your website popped up on search engine results based on the search engine query.
  • Clicks – The actual amount that someone clicked on your website’s search engine result and navigated to your website.
  • Average Position – Where your website ranks with a certain keyword
  • Click Through Rate – The percentage of visits to a website versus impressions

The average position and clicks are probably our favorite part of this tool.  Being able to gauge, at a moment’s notice, the average position we pull up on search engine rankings is priceless.

This tool gives great insight into where you are winning and losing your search engine optimization campaigns.  For example, looking at the analytics pulled tells us we have some work to do on some of our meta-descriptions.  These types of descriptions should have strong call to actions to help grab a search engine user’s attention.  If you look at line 8, you will find our lowest click through rate.  170 people searched using the keyword phrase “internet marketing springfield mo,” but at 2.94% website visits, we feel we have a lot of work to do to get more website visits.

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