January 17, 2015

Social Media Usage By Online Adult Population

On what social media site do 18+ year-olds spend most of their time socializing and networking? As a business owner or marketer, I’m sure this is a question you ponder.  Your time and advertising isn’t cheap, and wasting it isn’t an option.  Look no further, we have the answer for you.  Check out our latest article and infographic representing five social media sites and the percent of adults using them.

On January 9, 2015, the Pew Research Center released a study indicating the percentage of online adults using Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.  Of the five social media sites, Facebook had the largest amount of 18+ individuals using the site daily.  The following list indicates the percentages of adult internet users and where they spend their online time:

  • Facebook – 71%
  • LinkedIn – 28%
  • Pinterest – 28%
  • Instagram – 26%
  • Twitter – 23%

The study also indicated the growth of each social media platform in the 18 and older demographic.  From this research, we created an infographic that compares market share of adult internet users by social media sites in 2012, 2013 and 2014.  Please see below:

Social Media Graph

It also helps to know how active users are on a social media platform.  From the study, The Pew Research Center was able to show the percentage of users who log onto each social media platform DAILY.  Please see below:

  • Facebook – 70%
  • Instagram – 49%
  • Twitter – 36%
  • Pinterest – 17%
  • LinkedIn – 13%

The Big Winners

We are sure you’ve heard rumors that people are leaving Facebook in record numbers for other social media sites.  If your target market is 18+ then you should take note.  From this research it appears Facebook remains the largest social media site with 71% of adult internet users having an account.  Known as “homebase,” 70% of Facebook’s users log in daily.  That is a huge amount of 18+ prospects to advertise and connect to.  Instagram comes in second with 26% of the adult internet population using the site,with an astounding 49% daily. We acknowledge the omission of Google+ from this study and wonder what the results would have been if they would have included Google+.

Why is this important for a business to know? 

We thought it was important to bring to light the 18+ demographic usage on social media.  As a business owner or marketer, you don’t want to waste money on a social media campaign trying to connect with your target market if they don’t spend time on the platform.  You want to go where the people are.  We felt this study would help our clients and prospects make an educated decision the next time they are wanting to create a social media campaign.  To read more of the study, click on the link here: https://www.pewinternet.org/2015/01/09/social-media-update-2014/.

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