May 19, 2016

Three Digital Marketing Tactics Highly Successful Companies Value

I recently had my first child and with that comes lots of advice.  I found that most parenting conversations lead to the same challenges and discussions about ways to keep our children happy and healthy.  This made me think about the business world and how most organizations talk about similar marketing challenges they face.  If a lot of businesses relate to the same marketing problems, then there have to be comparable digital marketing concepts that highly successful companies value and do well to gain market share.  I found three.  We want to share these tactics with you to inspire some ideas for your marketing mix now and into the future.   

Consistently keeping your website updated, creating a content marketing strategy, and using remarketing aren’t new tactics.  Combined, these strategies help successful organizations create a powerful online marketing solution to attract their target audience, educate prospects, and keep their brand top-of-mind.

  1. Updated Website – Long gone are the days of building a website and letting it sit for five years.  Technology and design rapidly change and prospects will judge you by your website’s look and feel.  Highly successful organizations understand that individuals take them for face value when visiting their website for the first time.  These organizations constantly pay attention to their website and regularly make design and functionality changes to keep up with potential client expectations.  Your website is the hub of your online presence, and you have to meet certain standards.  If it isn’t pleasing to the eye, responsive to any devices’ screen, and user friendly, people will leave.
  2. Content Marketing Strategy – If your website is the center of your online presence, then content is the hub of a modern marketing strategy. Probably the toughest of the three to consistently create, content done well helps companies in many different ways.  Highly successful organizations understand that content creates value for website users, provides additional ways to go-to-market in social media posts and email sends, and reinforces a search engine optimization strategy. 
  3. Remarketing – No longer can an organization get by with running an online campaign without retargeting.  This advertising functionality allows a business to target individuals who have been to their website with an online advertisement regularly.  Staying top-of-mind, remarketing helps bring prospects and clients back to your website.  Highly successful organizations use remarking to advertise their content marketing, products, services, promotions, and more.  These organizations know that remarketing is now considered a staple for any type of advertising strategy.

Successful organizations know that they have to routinely update their website, regularly create content for their website, and consistently keep their brand top-of-mind with remarketing.  These tactics help them create a strong online presence that educates and helps individuals understand what the business is all about.  Do you know someone who needs a little marketing help?  If so, share this post with them or on your favorite social media platform.    


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