January 21, 2021

Why Content Marketing Strategy Matters

If you’ve dabbled in digital marketing for any period of time, you’ve probably heard “content is king.” But what gives content this prized crown?

Content marketing employs the written word—as well as video and audio—to share information with your audience while promoting your business or organization. 

Content is the foundation of all digital marketing strategies. If your content crumbles, the walls of the brand you’re trying to build will come crashing down. Is your content strong enough to compete with everything that’s out there vying for people’s attention? Every visitor to your website will consume your content and decide if you’re worth their time. It’s a critical moment for building customer relationships and brand loyalty.

Keep reading to see why your content strategy matters and the different ways it can help drive traffic to your website.


History of Content Marketing

While digital content marketing is now commonplace for businesses on the web, print content marketing has existed for centuries. Many consider Benjamin Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanack” to be the first example of content marketing in the United States. Franklin offered a smorgasbord of information, especially to those who couldn’t afford books or formal education. Underneath the informative tidbits and quippy jokes, these almanacs allowed him to promote his printing business.

In the digital age, content marketing is more affordable than ever. It no longer demands the expensive production and distribution costs that more traditional media like television and print did. 

To create engaging content for your customers, all you need is a computer, website, good internet connection and a little bit of creativity to draw in and grow your audience.


Understanding Content Marketing: What’s on Your Site Matters

A robust digital presence starts with your website. Whenever potential customers visit your site, you want them to know exactly what you do and why you do it better than anyone else.

While the concept of concise content sounds simple, it can be challenging to present everything in short, concentrated bursts that effectively communicate your message. Excellent content can be even more strenuous if you have to juggle marketing with business operations. You may be crunched for time, which can lead to rushed efforts that result in lackluster content. 

Don’t let the idea of content marketing overwhelm you. We have a few tips for developing and implementing a content marketing plan that will bring more visitors to your website.

Digital Content Marketing: Why It’s a Worthwhile Investment

While there are many productive digital marketing strategies, content marketing boasts a high return on investment (ROI). A HubSpot State of Inbound Report found that 82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI in their inbound marketing strategy. 

While written content takes time to develop and produce, many businesses see high returns on content.

Types of Content Marketing

Here are some of the ways you can integrate content into your marketing strategy.

Blogs – Blogs are one of the most popular and most effective ways to harness the power of content marketing. They allow you to showcase your industry expertise while answering your audience’s questions.

Social media content – Social media is another great way to promote your business, demonstrate thought leadership and directly interact with your audience.

SEO – Search engine optimization spreads across the entire site. The more content you optimize, the more likely you’ll see a healthy stream of traffic to your site.

The Value of Content Marketing

Content marketing helps you to do these four things:

1. Answer your audience’s questions. Whenever the people you’re trying to reach have a problem, their first response will be to “Google it.” This is an opportunity for you to answer their questions using your industry expertise and position yourself as a respected resource.

2. Build thought leadership from your brand. Your brand reputation is key to turning leads into loyal customers. We’ve all heard it costs five times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to retain one. Regardless of the exact number, your audience doesn’t just give you present value but future value. Well-researched, well-written content can help potential customers see you as an expert in your craft.

3. Organically grow your website traffic. Content with strategic keywords translates to organic growth opportunities for your website. The more high-quality content you have, the more likely you’ll rank higher on search engine result pages.

4. Create conversion opportunities. Your marketing efforts should deliver a return on your investment. With content marketing, you up your chances of converting a visitor into a buyer directing them to other pertinent content, as well as information about your products and services.

Talk with a Content Marketing Expert 

If you’re looking for an experienced team to assist with your content marketing efforts, contact Campaignium today. We work with clients to develop original, optimized content that speaks to their audience. We also offer a full suite of digital marketing services that includes digital advertising, website development and graphic design.


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