David Church

As answered by their team members:
Fictional character he’s most like: Egon Spengler from “Ghostbusters”
His theme song: The “Inspector Gadget” theme song
Voted most likely to: Tell a Dad joke

More About David

David co-founded Campaignium with partners Larry and Jeffrey Paulette in 2012. He has more than a decade of web design and development experience.

Originally from southwest Missouri, David attended Brigham Young University-Idaho, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in computer information technology. A technically minded problem-solver, he loves helping clients build, launch and optimize websites for the best possible user experience.

A married father of four, David digs spending time with his family when he’s not working to grow Campaignium. Hunting and fishing are among his favorite pastimes. He also enjoys going to the beach, especially Pensacola Beach, and watching football. Like many at Campaignium, he’s a Chiefs fan who’s hungry for another Super Bowl run.

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