September 29, 2014

5 Qualities Of Great Online Marketing Companies

We’ve all dealt with third party firms and have our list of likes and dislikes.  When starting Campaignium, we wanted to set ourselves apart from other online marketing companies.  We put our heads together and created a long list of qualities we felt were vital to our organization.  Here are 5 qualities we strive to live by for our clients and the campaigns we run.

1. Do The Work In-House

A few of the most important questions to ask an online marketing company include: Who will research, perform and run my campaign?  Is the campaign coordinated in-house or do you contract other third parties?  We feel it’s increasing important to thoroughly understand the principles of effective online marketing strategies and be able to apply them to an online marketing campaign.  We find this quality to be a huge differentiator in our client relationships and campaign performance because we are deep in the trenches working hard to produce favorable results.

2. Take Responsibility

It’s great when an online marketing firm can hit your marketing goal every time, but what happens if they don’t?  We strive to do the best job possible, but sometimes life happens and we get a curve ball thrown at us.  What happens next is always interesting.  Taking responsibility for the actions that have occurred and trying to correct the problem is extremely pertinent.  Dodging the bullet by placing blame on the client, campaign or someone else is never a good practice.

3. Organized and Efficient

No one wants their campaign to fizzle out before the expected end date.  We think being organized and using tested processes and strategies can help make sure campaigns are efficiently performed.  Busting a monthly budget too early or throttling a campaign can destroy top of mind awareness, decrease visits to websites and lower conversion rates.  Being organized and efficient helps successfully move campaigns to the goal in mind.

4. Love of analytics

We feel online marketing organizations should have a passion for analytics, use metrics to determine if campaigns are working and concisely relay that analytic information to the client.  Everything we do is tied to analytics and being able to document what has occurred in a campaign has become increasingly important in the marketing world, especially in online advertising.

5. Devoted to Research

If you’re going to perform online marketing, you’ve got to be addicted to the research process.  We devote a tremendous amount of time researching industries, what people search for and marketing tactics to create successful campaigns. All campaigns start and end with good research, and the best online marketing companies understand this.

Here are an additional 5 qualities we think are of merit and should be mentioned.  These qualities include:

  • Strong competitive nature
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Have a passion for lifelong learning
  • Creative
  • Never satisfied with results

These qualities are our promise to clients.  Please share this post with anyone who is searching for an online marketing firm or on your favorite social media site.


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