January 29, 2014

Capturing The Super Bowl Audience

Who’s ready for some football? I know we are and the 3 million additional individuals who conducted an online search for the Super Bowl this month.  We know this data is true because we pulled it ourselves to see the results.  Super Bowl searches will increase to more than 10 million as we get closer to the big game.  Is your online marketing strategy ready to get you exposure during this time of year?

In 2014, large companies plan to pay roughly $4 million to receive an open spot for their game time commercial.  These ads are used for huge branding exposure and top of mind awareness.  Many of us do not have this type of budget, but the savvy marketing professional knows he or she can utilize the internet to capture market share and exposure for a fraction of that cost.  If you want to brand yourself or stay top of mind in a certain geography, now is the time to think Super Bowl marketing tactics.

It’s not all about the big game though.  From now until weeks after the Super Bowl, consumers are searching for super bowl ads online. Targeting individuals who are searching for those entertaining TV commercials can create a positive online campaign for your organization.  If you think about it, using an online advertisement to target people searching for TV advertisements or commercials has some great psychology behind it.

YouTube Marketing   

Google understands the power of Super Bowl ads.  For the first time ever, Google has created a YouTube Ad Blitz pregame gallery to feature teaser Super Bowl commercials.  Right now you can watch all the teaser ads in one place.  You can find these commercials here: YouTube Ad Blitz pregame gallery.  Google knows people are searching for these ads online, and they are trying to capture their attention by utilizing YouTube as a hub for all things Super Bowl commercial related.

Inserting your video ad or display ad when individuals search on YouTube can help you gain tremendous amounts of exposure.  Using certain keywords like Super Bowl, Super Bowl commercials and half time show can help you show up on YouTube searches and stay top of mind in a certain geography.  This is why we know a great campaign is waiting for your company on YouTube.

For example, accounting firms can create YouTube ads suggesting individuals “Get Into The Big Game During Tax Season.” Healthcare organizations can create ads about “Staying Safe In Sports.” Restaurants can promote specials for fans of the Super Bowl winner with ads or discounts in post Super Bowl weeks. Every business-to-business and business-to-consumer organization can capitalize on YouTube marketing tactics geared towards people searching for the Super Bowl to help gain exposure.

Twitter Marketing

Another way to target individuals on the internet during the Super Bowl is Twitter.  Kantar Media has compared tweets for 2013 vs. 2012 during the Super Bowl. Kantar shows 41% of 2013 Super Bowl ads included hashtags as compared to 10% in 2012.  They expect this number to increase this year. Kantar also researched that these 2013 ad-related hashtags generated 300,000 tweets on game day.  Twitter reported there were 24.1 million tweets about the game and halftime show.

Since Twitter is a major hub for social media interaction during the Super Bowl, we thought we would research some key hashtags your business can use to gain exposure and stay top of mind on this social media tool.

Here are a few hashtags that will be used during the Super Bowl game:

  • Super Bowl – #SuperBowl
  • Denver Broncos – #UnitedInOrange
  • Seahawks – #SeaHawks
  • Halftime Show – #BrunoMars or #RedHotChiliPeppers or #Halftime

Additionally, the following hashtags will be used by advertisers:

  • Butterfinger – #CupTherapy
  • Bud Light – #UpForWhatever
  • Jaguar – #GoodToBeBad
  • Heinz – #IfYoureHappy
  • Intuit – #TeamSmallBiz
  •  Dannon Oikos – #FuelYourPleasure
  • Axe – #KissForPeace
  • GoDaddy – #ItsGoTime
  • Toyota Highlander – #NoRoomForBoring
  • Wonderful Pistachios – #GetCrackinAmerica
  • Doritos – #CrashTheSuperBowl

These are just a few marketing tactics you should use during this Super Bowl.  There are so many more you could put on your checklist.  Get your display ads online now before the game starts to target Super Bowl searchers.   Make sure your remarketing tactics are working to get website visitors back to your website after the big day.  We could go on and on but we’ve taken up enough of your time for now.  Thanks for reading.  Go team!


Game On!

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