June 9, 2017

Create Better Online Engagement Through Google 360

Imagine walking through the front doors of the Guggenheim Museum to explore the architecture and art found within its walls, right from your computer.  Now imagine having this same technology to allow consumers to walk into your business for the first time online.  Over the last few years Google has updated its Google Street View program to not only include the view of a business or building from the outside but now consumers can view the inside of buildings.  We feel businesses should recognize this new functionality and keep it in mind for their digital marketing toolbox.

Google expanded its Street View program to help with a user’s experience online.  The online search engine wants individuals to find unique ways to find solutions to their problems.  Now anyone with the internet can view a local business, museum, or famous building without leaving their home.  

Here are a few fun famous sites that have taken advantage of the expanded Google Street View program:

The White House 

Washington, DC



Christianborg Palace 

Copenhagen, Denmark



The Colosseum 

Rome, Italy



Guggenheim Museum

New York, NY




Washington, DC



Sydney Opera House

Sydney, Australia



Eiffel Tower 

Paris, France



Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica 

Mexico City, Mexico



Benefits For A Business

Here are just a few advantages of giving Google searchers a 360-degree view of your business:

  • First, the expanded Google Street View program gives the small, midsize, and enterprise business additional ways to get noticed online.  This technology allows for more exposure when someone is performing research or has the intent to make a decision.
  • Second, it helps a business differentiate itself before anyone has stepped inside the facility.  
  • Third, it’s just plain cool!  

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