October 16, 2017

Customer Service in Digital Advertising – 5 Simple and Effective Criteria

Advertising is one of the most beneficial aspects in marketing any business, created to raise awareness, get conversions, create engagement or whatever steps your business wants to take to grow and be successful — ultimately every business is going to measure success in a different way.

Finding and dealing with the right agency can be a process, and obviously cost is going to be a determining factor. You want an agency that will fit well with your company’s personality. On the other hand, when it comes to business, nothing matters if you offer poor customer service.

So what type of customer service should you expect from an advertising agency? If an agency is just seen as a vendor, that’s not enough, or it shouldn’t be. Businesses should work hand in hand with an agency — a real and meaningful partnership between the agency and client.

You should look for the following when deciding what agency to work with:

  1. The process: Look for an agency that will explain the process and what to expect, an agency that doesn’t skip the basics. Some things might work and others might not. It’s vital for a client and agency to work together to find the best strategy — creating shared success or failure.
  2. The conversation: Clients need to be a part of the conversation. Find an agency where you can share your ideas. You want a team that perceives things as if they are a part of your business and spend money as if it’s their own.
  3. The passion: Don’t overlook the passion in an agency. Look for a company that loves what they do and wants you to be successful.
  4. Regular contact: An agency should schedule regular (and organized) meetings to discuss performance, ideas, strategy and solutions.
  5. Dedicated team: An agency should have a dedicated in-house team. If you’re using multiple services you should be having regular contact with multiple team members. With no bottleneck, you’ll get quick responses and have a relationship with a variety of employees.

You should expect an agency to build trust and reduce problems so you can see positive results; an agency that will strive to forge strong relationships with clients. An agency that wants you to be happy and successful. It not only satisfies you as a client, but it makes the agency feel good, too.

What do you look for in a digital advertising agency?


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