December 21, 2020

Facebook Ads: Which Objective Should I Choose for My Campaign?

Here at Campaignium, we love running Facebook Ads. Designing attention-grabbing ads, experimenting with A/B testing and remarketing to your brand advocates are the passions that fuel us. However, when launching a new Facebook Ads campaign, you should have a clear marketing strategy. That means selecting the correct Facebook campaign objective to meet your goals.

When it comes to ad objectives, there are three categories:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion


Semi-intuitively named, each category encompasses several sub-objectives uniquely designed to assist in ad delivery and performance. Let’s jump in and take a closer look at each of the different objectives.


Awareness Objectives

These classic, top-of-funnel objectives are designed to generate awareness of your product or service. Introduce yourself and tell people what makes your company so great! We recommend using them when you’re first entering the market or looking to expand to a new audience.

Brand Awareness

  • This objective is great when you’re looking to increase people’s awareness of your business, brand or service.
  • This objective uses a metric called “Estimated Ad Recall Lift.” Using surveys based on similar ads in similar placements, Facebook estimates how many people would recall seeing your ad if asked.



  • Show your ad to as many people as possible in your specific target audience.
  • Want to ensure everyone in your audience is aware of your upcoming event? A reach campaign is a great place to start!


Consideration Objectives

Moving down the funnel, consideration objectives are great for people who already know about you and are now starting to think about your products or services. Start to expand your brand story with these users.


  • This is the classic default setting when launching a Facebook Ads campaign. Direct traffic from your ad to your landing page.
  • Once someone visits your landing page, you can gain greater insights into their post-click activity. You can measure and optimize for behavior flow, bounce and conversion rates.
  • Having web traffic is critically important to nearly every business unit. You’ve probably spent time and money ensuring that visitors to your website have a positive experience. Leveraging traffic ads can be a great way to ensure more people enjoy that experience.


App Installs

  • Send people to the app store where they can download your app.
  • Does your company have an app? Use this ad format to reach contacts within your existing CRM list. The best ad real estate is the lock screen on a mobile device. In 2019, the average person was checking their phone 96 times a day. Drive an app download, encourage push notifications and start putting your message squarely in front of their eyes.



  • This objective targets individuals who are more likely to engage with your post. Engagement includes likes, comments and shares but can also include offers claimed from your page.
  • Social proof is a phenomenon where people love to copy the actions of other people—even if they don’t know them! If your Facebook Ad has thousands of likes and comments, a switch flips in our minds that tells us the content is legit.
  • This objective is particularly powerful and affordable if your audience is hyper-engaged on Facebook (read: users over 60).


Video Views

  • Just like it sounds, video ads are aimed at those most likely to watch them.
  • Promote videos that show behind-the-scenes footage, product launches or customer stories to raise brand awareness.
  • Videos don’t need to be professionally produced, but they do need to quickly get to the point and display your branding. Even if a user only watches half your video, you want them to know what you’re all about.


Lead Generation

  • With this objective, Facebook users never have to leave the platform.
  • Build a custom lead generation form and collect information such as email addresses and phone numbers from people interested in your business.
  • We work with clients to integrate these leads directly into their CRM system. Otherwise, you can spend way too much time downloading and deduping your results.
  • We love using this objective because information such as name, DOB and email address auto-populates within the customizable lead form.



  • Get more people to have conversations with your business to generate leads, drive transactions, answer questions or offer support.
  • For best practices, consider running these ads only when you have a business representative available to deliver a timely reply.


Conversion Objectives

Conversion objectives are intended to reach customers who have demonstrated a certain level of intent. They could be past conversions, people who have engaged with your consideration ads or leads within your CRM list.


  • Drive a specific conversion action on your business site like a form fill or purchase.
  • Leverage the measurement tools available using Facebook Pixel to better inform your campaign performance analytics.


Catalog Sales

  • Choose this objective if you’re an eCommerce business building and updating a store catalog.
  • Use tools such as dynamic remarketing to show specific products to people who have previously viewed them on your site.
  • Stayed tuned to the Campaignium blog. As Facebook Shops continues to evolve, we’ll be offering more insights into how your business can leverage this new and promising tool.


Store Visits

  • Are your products only available at your brick-and-mortar locations? No problem!
  • Run Facebook ads near your stores and measure your ad performance using offline conversion tracking tools.


What makes Facebook such a powerful advertising tool? It can categorize each unique individual and show them the type of ad they’re most likely to engage with. Those who consume more video will see more video ads. Those who love to comment and share will see more engagement ads. Your audience contains people who fall into each of these segments. A robust advertising campaign is developed with each of those users in mind. By selecting the correct Facebook Ad objective at the start of your campaign, you’re setting yourself up for success.

If you have any questions about Facebook Ads or you would like Campaignium to manage your next campaign, please reach out!


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