July 28, 2015

Know Your Keywords: Part 1

There are many internet marketing strategies that organizations can use in their holistic marketing approach.  One of these tactics is knowing industry related keywords and implementing a strategy to use those key terms consistently.  Underutilized in digital marketing today, knowing and using certain keywords throughout your entire marketing plan should be considered.

What do we mean by the phrase, “Know your keywords?”  Let’s first define how to find your most important keywords.  During the search engine optimization (SEO) process, an SEO consultant will research keywords that consumers actively search within search engines.  These keywords are a good basis to help organizations understand the number of consumers with intent to find information.  These keywords are then used to optimize a website to help it rank on a search engine.  What you do with these keywords next is key.

The great thing about a good keyword is the fact that organizations can utilize this valuable information in almost every part of their marketing.  From articles, social media and online advertising, to even traditional media, a good keyword should be used.  Why?  If people are searching for and using a certain keyword online, then hear a radio advertisement using that same keyword, the message should stick in their head.

For example, Campaignium is considered a digital marketing company. It would make sense to use the keyword digital marketing in all of our advertising.  After a little research, the keyword internet marketing receives many more searches.  Therefore, we use the keyword internet marketing consistently in all of our advertising so people understand our services.  We keep a running list of keywords that are important to us and use throughout our marketing efforts.  We wouldn’t think about marketing without our keyword list.

Where should you consider adding a keyword or two?  Here is a list to guide you:

  • Articles
  • Social Media
  • Online Ads
  • Print Advertising
  • Videos
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Direct Mail
  • Speaking Engagements
  • E-books
  • White Papers

Consistency is key in marketing.  If a consumer is using a keyword on a search engine, more times than not, it is probably on their mind elsewhere. Understanding what keywords consumers are using during a search for your industry is critical.  As the lines of SEO, social media and content marketing mix together, it’s increasingly important to have a strategy for how to implement key terms throughout all of your marketing mix.

Stay tuned for our second article in this two part series.  We plan to help define some of the most searched industry terms on a global scale.  It will be a good one!  You can now find it here.


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