April 9, 2014

Precise Advertising Through Apps

Advertising through apps is a highly effective way to market your organization.  On any given day, there are over 1 million apps available to advertise on, so the potential to target direct viewers is almost unlimited.  If you are not thinking about using this type of digital marketing channel to advertise your business, you are behind the curve.

Advertise on an app to narrowly target individuals and promote products, services, websites or even additional apps.  Run a set of banner ads, short videos within the banner or bring your video to full-screen to engage your direct viewers to take action.

Advertisers can successfully engage specific consumers utilizing precise targeting criteria in the following categories:

  • Device – Target users of tablets, mobile phones or both
  • Gender – Pursue male, female or both genders
  • Age – Reach an age group that most likely wants to engage your company
  • Interest – Concentrate your targeting  based on an audience’s interests or similar interests, from downloaded data
  • Geography – Focus on users by state, designated market area (city) or home location
  • App Channels – Select categories of apps, or highly rated apps

App advertising is even flexible enough to allow advertisers to schedule the days or times their ad will appear and can limit the number of times an ad will be shown to the same person on any given day.

We get excited thinking about the unlimited way a business can target consumers.  For example, if you want to brand your company to a mass audience, you might choose the most popular apps and place your ad or spend your money there.  If you are a professional services firm, you might target your audience by age, interest and geography, but also consider the types of apps your target market would use.  Accounting firms might want to place their ads on Entrepreneur Magazine’s app, Accounting Starter Guide for SMBs’ app or even QuickBooks’ Online app for the do it yourselfers.   Realtors might place their ad on Realtor.com’s app or Zillow’s app.

Would you like more information on how to add app advertising to your digital marketing mix? Please let us know today.


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