June 22, 2016

The Importance of Video In Your Marketing Mix

We all know video is important for digital marketing, and the statistics are out there to back it up. I could use this blog post to share those stats, but that’s not the point. The only question you need to ask yourself is, when was the last time you watched a video online?

Why Include Video in Your Content Marketing Strategy?

A good content marketing strategy is audience-centered, brings in new customers, and strengthens your relationship with existing customers. All of your content should be valuable, relevant, and consistent across formats and platforms.

So where does video fit into the mix? Here are two big reasons for including video when creating a content marketing strategy:

#1: Everyone Loves a Great Video!

People consume video content like never before. They love watching videos on the Internet! There is something about that little triangle play button just calling out to you, begging to be clicked. So how can you capitalize on this?

Viewers today want to hear a story. In an online environment full of content you need to make yours worth seeking out.

People don’t want to be sold, but they do want to learn and be entertained. It could be a video as simple as the history of your company or as complex as the top 5 reasons you should put your left shoe on first, hosted by a French grizzly bear.

Whatever your story is, get out there and tell it. The key is to start with your audience. What’s important to them? What do they think is funny or interesting? How can your online video meet their needs and achieve your goals?

#2: Any Business Can Release Quality Digital Video

Think it’s too expensive or too hard for your business to create a video? In the past, video production was reserved for corporations with a lot of money.

Today it’s different, though, and creating quality online video content is accessible for nearly any company out there. Technology has advanced to the point that small businesses now have an opportunity to compete with the major companies.

How Will People Discover Your Video?

So now that you have an amazing video telling your story that can compete against anyone, how do you get it out there for everyone to see?

There are lots of ways to help your audience find your video online:

  • Put it on your website
  • Send it out in an email blast
  • Post it on your social media
  • Put it up on YouTube
  • Promote it on Facebook
  • Just to name a few!

You’ve spent the time and money to make the video — now it’s time to make it work for you.

Study after study proves that including video in your digital marketing plan — whether in an online advertising campaign or on your web page — increases conversion rates. People love consuming information and video is a perfect medium to present that information.  

We can’t have a blog post about the importance of video to your content marketing strategy without including a video of our own, so here is a cute dog wearing a bow tie in slow motion!



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