March 10, 2014

The New Facebook Campaign Structure

Last Thursday, March 6, Facebook posted they plan to begin rolling out their new campaign ad structure for businesses.  Facebook feels this new structure will help marketers organize and measure advertising efforts better.   If you like A/B testing you’re going to love the new Facebook ad structure.

Within the next few weeks, Facebook plans to migrate all existing ad accounts over to their new campaign structure.  Facebook says, “You can have multiple ad sets in a campaign, each with its own budget and schedule.  Create ad sets for each audience to optimize your ads for each one and measure their response.”

Facebook Campaign Structure For Social Media

In the past, marketers had one level when creating an ad.  Now, marketers will have access to three distinct levels or structures when creating ads: campaigns, ad sets and ads.  At the top of this level is a campaign.  Facebook defines a campaign as a high level way to base advertising objectives off of ads currently running. You can decide what you want to achieve in this area and create one or more ads to do the work.  The ad set, the second level in this structure, helps you define audience segments.  This area allows you to control how much you spend on each audience and schedule out all ads.  The third level in this new structure is the ad.  This is the level where you define the type of ad you want and utilize the ad types to match your objectives in the campaign level.  Marketers can create as many ads as needed in the ad sets to help with performance.

There are a lot of people complaining about this change already.  After reviewing this structure, we feel Facebook is allowing marketers to easily create multiple ads or ad sets within a campaign so they can measure responses and gauge which ad is working and which is not.  This new type of structure should help immensely if you prefer to A/B test your ads.  We feel it will give you a better way to optimize your social media campaigns.

Here are few features Facebook has shared.

Facebook Campaign Features New To Social Media

The social media giant has provided more information in the form of a PDF here giving more detail on this new ad structure.  You can also find more information in Facebook’s help center, which includes a fun video.  We are looking forward to using this new structure and finding ways to better target our audience.


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