April 13, 2016

Using Your Customer’s Voice To Create Social Media Engagement

We are always on the lookout for great digital marketing examples to help provide a little inspiration.  Killer content, amazing visuals, and more help to get your message out on social media. However, more times than not, an organization forgets to use a specific voice in their postings.  We found a great example of one company using their customer’s voice to create social media engagement and thought we should share it with you.

What Constitutes A Social Media Voice?

First, let’s define what you shouldn’t consider as your organization’s social media voice.  Talking at social media followers, making them feel like they are just a profit source, or even reflecting on how great your company is, is not considered a voice.  Just posting articles is not considered a voice on social media.

An organization’s voice should be an authentic communication that relays the type of brand you strive to be. In its simplest form, your company’s social media voice can be defined as professional, fun, exciting, creative, caring, comical, genuine and more.  Your voice should humanize your brand and help you take part in conversations easily and organically.  We found one organization that’s doing a great job using their customer’s voice to relay excitement about their own brand. Here is our example.

One Company Doing It Right

Carousel Designs is an online children’s nursery and bedding boutique. Using their customer’s voice, they have defined their own voice to show value in creativity, uniqueness, and customer service.  How do they use their customer’s voice?  A lot of their social media posts revolve around their customer’s use of their products.  Let’s take a look at a few of Carousel’s recent social media posts below.  Notice how each post scores between 4,000 – 17,000 likes, and a large amount of shares and comments.  Click on each image to see a larger version. 

Social Media Post from Coursel Designs

Example of Social Media PostSocial Media Post Example

Carousel Designs Social Media Post

From showing a customer’s nursery to a customer’s baby using one of their products, posting their client’s content helps Carousel create engagement.  Not only does this help them create amazing brand loyalty, this also creates a community willing to share unique uses of the product.  This in turn magnifies Carousel’s reach and brand name when friends of followers see the posts.  It’s a great cycle that will continue as long as they post customers using their products.

Differentiate Or Die

Finding a voice on social media can be difficult, but totally worth the time spent because it helps differentiate your business from the competition. Every marketer and business owner understands that a brand must differentiate itself or face being lost, or even suffocated, from the multitude of similar choices.  It takes testing and retesting to see how social media followers respond to certain posts, which in turn helps show how they perceive your organization.  That’s when you find your voice.

Take a look at our social media feeds.  We feel our social media voice is professional, fun, and genuine.  Do you think we do a good job of projecting those values?  We would love to know in the comments below. 


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