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Abbey Clemmons

As answered by their team members:
Fictional character she’s most like: A mix of Linda from “Bob’s Burgers” and Phoebe from “Friends”
Her theme song: “Vienna” by Billy Joel
Voted most likely to: Bring my dogs

More About Abbey

Abbey graduated from Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. Before joining Campaignium, she worked at the State Bank of Southwest Missouri. Her bubbly enthusiasm and drive help her pursue what she loves most about marketing: meeting new people and helping businesses thrive.

Abbey is an avid reader who hopes to publish a novel one day! (We’re planning to buy the first copy.) If you need book recommendations, ask her about her latest fantasy, historical fiction or nonfiction reads. Her favorite historical period to explore is World War II.

What pairs best with a good book? A sandy beach, in Abbey’s opinion. Abbey loves traveling, exploring outside and strolling along beautiful beaches to find the perfect reading spot—preferably under an umbrella.

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