Content Manager

Taylor Stanton

As answered by their team members:
Fictional character she’s most like: Nancy Drew
Her theme song: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams
Voted most likely to: Actually write her way out of a paper sack

More About Taylor

Taylor joined Campaignium in August 2019 after graduating from Drury University with a bachelor’s degree in English. She looks forward to learning something new from every project and client.

She enjoys diving headfirst into new topics and crafting content for clients. When she’s writing, she keeps the reader in mind to ensure her words send the right message. Her favorite part of the writing process is editing. She finds satisfaction in playing with language and knows there’s no greater joy than when a sentence finally clicks into place.

When she’s not writing blogs or social posts, Taylor enjoys putting pen to paper for her own creative writing. She also loves curling up with a cup of green tea, a lemon bar and a good fantasy book.

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