Roo Worley

SEO Specialist

Roo Worley has a Bachelors of Science in Education from Missouri State University. As fate would have it, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) turned out to be a better fit than teaching.

To improve their SEO techniques and provide due diligence to clients, Roo leans on the pursuit of knowledge to continuously try to improve their SEO techniques and level up in skill every step of the way.

Roo enjoys the technical, off-page aspects of SEO and attempts to optimize most everything that they encounter, whether in front of a glowing screen or not.

Roo joined the SEO team in August of 2019 and looks forward to seeing Campaignium’s continued successes in the digital marketing world. Their favorite part of the company mantra is: “Find the confidence to liberate your ideas because weird is subjective and genius is subtle.”


Search Engine Optimization
Roo Worley

Leverage Schema Markup for SEO

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