June 15, 2016

Instagram for Business – Coming Soon!

If you have yet to expand your business to Instagram, now is the time. At the end of May,  Instagram officially announced 3 pretty major tools developed for businesses, including business profiles, insights and promotional capabilities. The social media giant engaged with hundreds of businesses to in an effort to better develop these tools and solve the problems businesses and brands face. These changes will provide more opportunities for engagement, growth and brand awareness.

Business Profiles – The business profile will be a free feature for companies looking to be viewed as a business and not a personal profile. One feature I am particularly excited about on this new business profile is the contact button. This button gives customers the opportunity to call, email or text you with just one click right from their app. Viewers will also see a new map feature, giving them directions to your business. As if it couldn’t get any better for a first round of business updates, this profile will also unlock the ability to see brand insights and even promote right from the app.

Insights – Learn more about your audience and your brand. Instagram’s new insights will give you actionable data on your audience demographic, as well as which of your posts resonates best with your audience. That’s right, you can learn what your customers want, and then give it to them!

Promote – The promote functionality is going to likely make the most impact on your business. As with any social media platform, being able to advertise last minute deals, promotions or brand awareness campaigns is crucial to staying in front of your extremely busy and often distracted audience. So Instagram is giving you a way to promote right from the app in just a few simple clicks. With over 300 million users on Instagram, you can easily grow your audience and your business.

The new Business Profile will be released in the US over the coming months and will be available worldwide by the end of 2016. Need help promoting your brand on social media? Let us know!

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