October 30, 2015

Know Your Keywords: Part 3

Understanding and using industry keywords isn’t just for search engine optimization (SEO) on your website anymore. You can insert keywords everywhere. This is our last article in a three part series that expresses and demonstrates the power of SEO tactics and how to transition these processes into additional marketing channels.

In our first article, Know Your Keywords: Part 1, we describe how to find keywords that are important to your industry.  We discuss the psychology behind using keywords in your holistic marketing mix as well.

In our second article, Know Your Keywords: Part 2, we show the power of understanding your keywords by providing examples of top industry keywords and the amount of people searching for them in an average month. You’ve got to know which keywords to use before you can utilize them else where.

Now we want to give you an example of keywords in action. The following shows the result of a company who used the power of keywords to get their message in front of consumers in a unique way. 

Keywords On Twitter

Adding keywords into your Twitter posts is a new tactic to receive another ranking on Google’s search engine results page. You might be asking, why? Twitter recently signed an agreement with Google to index Twitter posts.  This means adding good industry keywords into your Twitter posts allows Google to pick up on those keywords and rank your posts when someone searches for them.

For example, someone performing a Google search for the TV show Madmen would receive the following results when using the keyword Madmen or #Madmen.


As you can see, the company Big Communications is able to get their Twitter message on Google’s search engine results page in an attempt to convert Madmen fans into customers.  Twitter says this is a new way to discover tweets, but we feel it’s a new avenue to help get your message on the first page of Google. 

Understanding your industry keywords is increasingly important.  What you do next with those keywords can help make a marketing campaign even more successful.  Want to know more about the power of keywords in a holistic marketing approach?  Contact us now for more digital marketing information. 


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