Analytics Suite

Get real-time results in a format that’s easy to read and accessible at any time from your mobile device or computer. Campaignium’s Analytics Suite includes proprietary dashboards that let you adjust your strategy to maximize digital marketing success.

Powerful Data

Good data is the key to making optimal decisions for achieving the digital marketing results you need to grow your business. Check your results online, from your mobile device or computer, anytime you like.

Real-Time Information

Capture user engagement as it happens. Our dashboards are updated in real time, so you’ll always have the most up-to-date snapshot of how people are responding to your online marketing campaign.

Campaign Tracking

Watch how your campaign unfolds over time. Tracking reveals patterns that give you powerful insights into when and how people are responding, so you’ll gain a better sense of the most effective ways to connect with your best prospects.


By establishing appropriate benchmarks and measuring outcomes, you have the flexibility to adjust your digital marketing strategy as you go. That way, your results keep improving the longer your campaign runs!

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Take Control Over Your Campaign

The Campaignium Analytics Suite empowers you to track results, adjust your strategy, and improve performance over the life of your campaign.