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Social media may get all the attention, but email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing tools for your business. When subscribers grant you access to their inbox, they’re giving you a green light to communicate directly with them. That means they trust your brand and want your content. Don’t give them a reason to unsubscribe!

Rule No. 1: Never take your captive audience for granted. They’re VIPs now—reward them with special discounts and exclusive content. Successful email campaigns require plenty of planning and a long-term strategy to keep subscribers and gain new ones. Campaignium’s content specialists are here to help. We love building refreshingly readable emails that look classy as all get-out.

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There’s definitely an art to email marketing, and you want your messaging to be masterful. We’ll build brilliant templates, write charismatic copy, manage your growing list of subscribers and keep tabs on what tickles their fancy.

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Eight out of 10 marketers reported increased email engagement over the past year.
HubSpot, 2020

Open Rate

The average open rate for emails was 18% in 2020.
Campaign Monitor, 2021

First Hour

Of opened emails, 21% are opened within an hour of delivery.
GetResponse, 2020

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