Directory Optimization

Online directory listings provide useful information for interested prospects and influence organic search engine rankings. That’s why optimizing your directory presence is crucial to a successful digital marketing strategy..

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Online directories help consumers reach out to you and establish new business relationships. Search engines also tap into powerful directories in compiling their organic results.

At Campaignium, we save you time and money by establishing and managing your information on directories across the Web. We work diligently to make sure all of your listings are correct, complete, and consistent.

  • Correctness: Ensure the accuracy of all information
  • Completeness: Each listing has everything consumers need to get in touch
  • Consistency: All business listings contain matching information


At Campaignium, we’ll enhance your online visibility and help you win more new customers – by helping you maintain accurate information on Internet directory listings for your business.

Increase Web Traffic

Online directory listings give consumers just one more great opportunity to get in touch by visiting your website – so you’ll reach more interested prospects, get more clicks, and grow your business.

Higher Brand Credibility

Accurate directory information enhances your reputation with consumers and search engines alike. We review directories throughout the Web, and make sure all information about your business is accurate and complete.

SEO Friendly

Search engines draw from numerous online directories and data aggregators to compile their organic results. When your listings are accurate and complete in all of these sources, your search engine rankings will improve.

Improve ROI

Having accurate directory listings makes it easier for interested consumers to get in touch and establish new business relationships. By optimizing your directory presence, we’ll help you reach your goals more cost efficiently.


At Campaignium, we employ the 3 C’s of directory optimization – correctness, completeness, and consistency – so that consumers and search engines alike can find your business more easily.

Local Business Listings

Your customers and prospects need an accurate, consistent view of your business in search engines and mobile apps.

Data Aggregators

By publishing correct information across directories and data aggregators, we help search engines – and prospective customers – find your business more easily.

Listing Accuracy

We identify and correct inaccuracies in your listings, so prospects who find your information can reach out to you more easily.

Complete Listings

We make sure prospects can find complete, accurate information about you when using their favorite search engines or directories.

Consistent Listings

We find and fix inconsistent data across the Web to improve your ranking on search engine results pages.

Remove Duplicate Listings

We identify and remove unnecessary duplications that could hurt your search engine performance and confuse consumers.

Claim Existing Listings

We identify directories where your business is already listed, establish your ownership of your listings, and make sure all information is complete and correct.

Map Listings

By optimizing your presence on Internet directories, we’ll make it easier for consumers to find your place of business on their favorite online maps.

Category Research

We identify and use the right set of keywords to create accurate listings and enhance your performance in search engine results.


Campaignium connects you with the right customers through an effective directory optimization strategy – uniquely tailored to achieve your goals. We’ll make sure all of your business listings are correct, complete, and consistent, in order to maximize your performance on search engine results pages, so you’ll reach more prospects and win more customers!

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