Vital Hat

In 2019, we worked with headwear startup Vital Hat Co. to develop branding assets and a landing page to connect with their exclusive retailer, Lids, which has more than 1,100 stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

We had three marketing objectives for Vital Hat. First, demonstrate how their unique hat design allows you to secure your sunglasses. Then educate the target market how to use their hats in recreational settings. Finally, we wanted to create exciting illustrations to match Vital Hat’s equally exciting and innovative headwear.

Website Development

Our Web Team developed a responsive website that beautifully packaged and presented the content, branding and photography. The result was a seamless single-page site that epitomized the Vital Hat vibe and sought to subtly convert visitors into customers. Buying online from Vital Hat is a breeze with a “Shop Now” option that takes guests to the Lids website to complete the purchase.

Branding & Photography

Our team developed Vital Hat’s new logo and designed the landing page to have a bold and energetic look. Because these hats are as fashionable as they are functional, the team made sure to create stylish branding assets. We made clean, colorful infographics to illustrate the product’s versatility, and our work was on display in Lids storefronts.

Demonstration was a key goal of our photography strategy. We wanted to incorporate lively photos of Vital Hat’s target market—active individuals with a passion for fitness and outdoor recreation. The artwork depicted real-life scenarios with models running, fishing and golfing while the caps held their shades in place.

Content Marketing

Our content strategy for the landing page was to create straightforward copy that would tell visitors exactly how the hats work and why they’re a great accessory for an active lifestyle.

We worked closely with Vital Hat to perfect the voice and tone, so it spoke directly to their target market.

A Tip of the Hat

“Everything from creating the logo to the landing page to coming up with ways to promote our product was all outstanding. If Campaignium’s work was on a scale from one to ten, it was a 50!”
Chris Hilles


Vital Hat Co.

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